Sike!!! Finale Part 2!

EemFoo's finale post came a day early, so I didn't have time to get my last-minute stuff done. Here it is!

EcoPort 1.1


- Fixed a classifier conflict between the Trumpet fruit and the Shroomlog

- Added permeability to trumpet fruit so they don't fall into the jungle pond and cause buildup

- Added a nutrient requirement to trumpet and triffid seed sprouting

- Improved the crowding detection for trumpet and triffid seeds

- Added a lifespan to trumpet and triffid fruit once picked

- (Hopefully) fixed an issue wherein zanderfish and goldfish could only swim up when colliding with a wall, resulting in them getting stuck on the ceilings of underwater caves

- Note: Goldfish do still get stuck occasionally, but I'm at least no longer finding all of them clumped together.

- Added the marine terrarium to the list of places zanderfish can spawn naturally

- Goldfish (hopefully) now check to see if you have the desert nursery installed before spawning in the desert pond. If you do, they'll go to the marine terrarium instead.

- Added a firefly vendor and mother to counteract rapid dieoff in firefly populations

- Fixed a bug wherein fireflies would get stuck on underwater cave ceilings if they hit the ceiling before drowning

- (Hopefully) fixed a bug with the venus fly trap causing invalid targ errors.

- Fixed minor issue wherein Borland disappeared behind the anemone overlay

- Added Spinnomosa cactus

- Added glow worms

- Added tantris berries

- Added the spider and the arnica berries she guards. When I was a kid, I was too afraid of her to access the arnica berries.

- Added pulsatilla berries

- Added a... Familiar face. ;)

- Fixed the catalogue issue

Desert Rock Unstucker 1.1


- Fixed invalid targ errors

- Added visual indicator of the Unstucker

Synergy Norns

The long-awaited norns from my Geneforge tutorial series! Special thanks to Dragoler for doing all the heavy-lifting with the genome.